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Comfylife, Inc. Privacy Policy

At Comfylife Inc. privacy is an important aspect. Our customer information will never be provided, rented or made available to any third party company.

Customer information

Customer order information, i.e. address, email, credit card, are used only to process orders.

Customer email address is used only to send digital invoice and shipment updates. Customer email address will be added to the newsletter list only if the user has subscribed.

By subscribing to our newsletter list the user agrees to receive e-mails containing offers, coupons, information, tips related to Comfylife Inc. products & services.


Pixels and Cookies

Comfylife. Inc. uses marketing and analytics tools in order to improve its service, optimize the user experience and increase sales.

By visiting our website the visitor agrees to the use of snippet code (Pixel) in our website to collect information about him. I.e. visiting time, IP, device type, browser type etc. 

By visiting our website the visitor agrees to the use of Cookies – code which improves the websites speed, recognizes repeat visitors and is used in remarketing campaigns on different platforms such as Google and Facebook.

The visitor has the right to request to receive the information collected about him, and to ask for complete deletion of the information.

For any additional information, mistakes and improvements please feel free to contact us at:


phone: +1 443 988 0942

Note: As an Amazon seller we are required to comply with Amazon’s rules:

This website’s purpose is to support and give information for our customers. We do not sell any product through this website. You can find our products on Amazon website:



As a user visiting this website you accept the terms and policy of this website. Please read carefully the following notes. If you do not agree with our terms please do not visit this website.

 This website contains trademarks owned by Comfylife Inc. You are not allowed to use or copy any of our trademarks, products and designs.

Comfylife Inc is not responsible for any damage, problem or injury caused by the use of this website, i.e. virus, omission or misstatements. Comfylife Inc. may change and update the information in the website and in this privacy policy page in particular, without the need to notify the past, current and future visitors.

Comfylife Inc is not responsible for any external websites which give information about Comfylife products and services. Additionally, Comfylife Inc. is not responsible to problems related to Amazon platform, and is not responsible to hyper-links which exists in

 By visiting the site, the user agrees not to use, edit or copy any information.

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